Andriod O Beta!

Notes from my recent Android O update. I have been having serious battery drain issues on Android 7.1.2 with my Nexus 5x. They are related to my carrier, Cricket, it seems. If I turn off 4G/LTE, my battery life would return to normal.

This was written after my Nexus got into a bootloop after I tried to reset to factory defaults after Android O Beta had already been installed. I also discovered my upgrade process that a bootloop can happen if the original upgrading platform is an unlocked and rooted 7.1.2 installation.

0. This requires you to have Android USB drivers and tools installed and working. Verify you are enrolled in Android Beta from Also download the full factory image from Android that contains the “flashall.bat”
1. Enable Developer options on phone.
2. Enable USB Debugging.
3. Connect phone to USB and check box to authorize the computer.
4. Open command prompt with Admin privileges.
5. Execute command:

adb reboot bootloader

6. Wait for device to reboot into bootloader.
7. Execute command:

fastboot oem unlock

8. Select Yes on device to proceed.
9. Device should reboot back to the bootloader screen.
10. Now run “flashall.bat” from the zip file you downloaded previously to install the latest stock 7.1.2.
11. Let device complete setup and get to the initial setup screen.
12. Power off the device.
13. Power the device back on to bootloader mode (Power + Volume Down).
14. Execute command:

fastboot oem lock

15. Allow device to wipe and then reboot.
16. Walk through normal setup.
17. Once your Google account is set up and setup completed, you should see the System Update notification for the beta download.

Once done, do not do a factory reset, it will result in a boot loop.

Posted from Fremont, Michigan, United States.

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