Raspberry Pi 2 – Day 1

Received a Raspberry Pi 2 device for Christmas!  I plan on using it to get a MythTV frontend running for our kitchen.  So far following various guide I’ve gotten OpenElec written to the Micro SD card using steps provided from OpenElec:


I originally started this with the MicroSD Card that came in my ‘starter pack’ for Pi 2.  I switched to a Samsung MicroSD Card for the Pi because the Samsung card as getting  write speeds two times faster than the other.  This was tested with Crystal Disk Mark.

After adding the PVR Add On, which was a bit difficult to find through the menus, Live TV works, but it is a little choppy on Kodi.

EDIT:  After purchasing the hardware and software decoding licences from the Raspberry Pi store, Live TV playback is perfect!  This is fantastic.

Posted from Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States.