Linux Disk Usage Commands

I run an Ubuntu Linux server at home. It hosts my web server (this site!) and MythTV. I once in a while run into disk space issues when I leave a MythTV front-end running on live TV. I should really set an idle timer on the front-ends that use Kodi on Raspberry Pi…anyway. I don’t use the Linux commands often enough but every once in a while I need to see what’s eating disk space. These sites below came in handy:

12 Useful “df” commands

10 Useful “du” commands

Ford Sync 2.0 with My Ford Touch Wallpaper

Here are instructions for how to add custom wallpapers to your Ford Sync 2.0 with My Ford Touch. The default background is solid black backdrop. There is a logo.jpg stored of the Ford blue oval logo. You can also add your own.

When adding your own you are prompted that the file must match the following requirements:

  • File must be less than 1.5Mb
  • File must be a .jpg .png .gif or .bmp – I suggest either .png or .jpg
  • Maximum of 32 images can be loaded into the car’s memory
  • Pixel Dimension of image must be 800×384

Using your favorite graphics editing program you can create your images. I use Gimp to the specifications listed above.

Once you have your image created, copy it to a USB Flash Drive. The Flash Drive needs to be formatted with the FAT32 File System.

With your image(s) on your flash drive head to your vehicle and follow these steps:

  1. Insert USB Flash Drive to the USB Port
  2. Turn on the car to accessory power
  3. Press the Settings button (Gear Wheel Icon)
  4. Tap Display from the left column
  5. Tap Edit Wallpaper
  6. Tap Add
  7. Tap through to find file on USB Device
  8. Tap each file you want to add it will be saved to Sync
  9. Tab the back button to the Wallpaper Editor screen
  10. Tap one of your added images, then tap Save
  11. Tap the home button to see your artwork!

I have a video on Youtube below as well, with the in car process:

To make it all MSU Spartans all around after my Sync wallpaper addition, top it all off with my new snazzy MSU plate with some Pure Michigan:

msu helmet (Large)

Sparty Plate

You can also download the wallpapers below. Some of them were images I found on the internet and modified to fit the specifications required by Ford.