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Adding Office 2016 – 365 ADMX Files to local server

I have a server that I manage but I don’t have Domain Administrator rights. I needed to load the latest Office 2016/365 Group Policy Objects so I could set custom trust paths for all users for Access 2016. Here’s what I did:

    1. Download the Microsoft Office 2016/365 Group Policy Files (Administrative Template Files ADMX/ADML):
    2. Download the appropriate package. I have Office 2016 32bit installed; I downloaded the 32bit package.
    3. Run the installer – point it to where you want the files extracted to. I had my files extract to c:\users\<myuser>\Downloads
    4. Copy the contents of the “ADMX” folder.

      ADMX Files - Unpacked
      ADMX Files – Unpacked
    5. Browse to C:\Windows\PolicyDefinitionsPaste the files here. I was not promoted to overwrite any files.
    6. I ran GPUpdate /Force (is this needed for local files? Can’t remember, don’t think it is needed).
    7. Run the Local Group Policy Editor, GPEDIT.MSC
    8. I found my new policies listed and I got busy creating my trusted locations for Microsoft Access.

      Office 2016 Policies in GPO

Sysprep on Windows 8.1

I have been re-training myself on using Microsoft SysPrep. I haven’t used it since Windows XP.  Testing it out on Windows 8.1 and was getting failures.  KB2769827 has the resolution to the “A fatal error occurred while trying to sysprep the machine”.  Several packages must be removed prior to running sysprep.  It works but it is tedious!

Posted from Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States.