Overland Park, Kansas

This has been an insane week. I was made a temporary project manager for this week. I feel like I am a babysitter for adults.

There was a “winter storm” that came through in which our client basically shut down the office and wanted to get out before the first flurry hit the ground. They put the group into a panic. There were two of us from snow states so we weren’t quite worried about it. I will admit the only thing that scares me in these non-snow seasoned states are the drivers there. The client was supposed to communicate to us the next morning if they were not going to go to the site due to the storm. The communication never came so I ventured out and and drove to the client site and there was no one there at all. We ended up staying and working from the hotel for the entire day. Luckily the lobby had some nice work areas with a fireplace in one of them.

Definitely looking forward to getting back to the Mitten state on Thursday!

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